Apr 30

THFL Presents You Of All People featuring Ghost Wars, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

Mysterious shadows are seeping around the spaceship. Even with all of our advanced analytical and precision detection systems, the source of these shadows continue to elude us. As we get ready for an adventure into the unknown aspects of humanities deepest desires, we must be prepared for what we encounter not only surrounding us, but what find inside ourselves.

Come explore in a musical journey unlike any other as the auditory and visual senses are melded together as one, by none other than the artistry of You Of All People, featuring the live visuals of Ghost Wars. Conceptualized by Thomas Ferralla, also known for the Bluestem Jazz shows showcased around Madison.

Be sure to take in this transcendent experience that explores dimensions previously unknown to the human species. This is a rare opportunity for those seeking the greater truths of the universe, or a simple evening of delightful contemplation. The choice is yours alone whether to partake on this adventure with us into the shadows that await.

If you choose to come along for the ride, then head over to https://thespaceship.tv/ to secure your seat in this spaceship as it travels far beyond your solar system to astounding worlds beyond your imagination.

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv space fuel is not cheap these days let me tell you.

For More information on The Artists, see below:

ghost wars:

america is a ghost in a void bent into the sum of our mistakes
where shadows wander in the darkness unseen
teetering on the edge of chaos
merchants of certitude deliver holy capitalism
— where war follows money and money follows war… endless wars
this is the business that is our america

[excerpt from america is a ghost_thomas ferrella]

a film_handcrafted in real time by aaron granat + thomas ferrella
music by you of all people – ed ahrens_kevin schaefer_nick orlowski_phil redman_steve tyska_thomas ferrella

thomas ferrella
untethered, auto-didact, visual and performance artist resides in madison, wi, he has participated in a
carl wilkens fellowship, nominated by TIME for a “can’t miss” photography show at the gage gallery
[chicago] in 2016, won a NBC award for his 30 year photo-documentary work of roadside memorials
titled not forgotten, premiered his 1 world project in cuba in 2017 and is known in small circles for
running bluestem jazz, ghost wars is his third film with granat and you of all people

aaron granat
Aaron Granat is a video artist, cinematographer, editor, and teacher of media production. Spanning live,
multi-media performance, documentary, screen dance, experimental, and dramatic narrative, his work
has been exhibited in museums, film festivals across the world, music venues large and small,
planetariums, and billboards in city centers. Unbound by traditional forms and structures, Aaron seeks
the interdisciplinary merging of practices, aestheticizing the creative process and the phenomena of
reality in thought-provoking ways.

you of all people is a sonic frontier collective


Apr 20

Monsta Click Entertainment 420 Showcase 2022

Monsta Click Ent

Once again, we partner with Madison’s own Monsta Click Entertainment to hot box the Earth’s atmosphere with stanky smoke, and crazy hot beats in celebration of the all mighty marihuana.

Most humans are unaware that this plant exists in many places outside of your solar system, and has been a staple of an untold amount of civilizations. It was brought here as soon as Earth’s atmosphere was stable enough to support it; and was used by inhabitants of this planet well before humans evolved. Any attempts to control and eradicate it are generally seen as uncool and most advanced species will shy away from planets that do. So if you want us aliens to come back and chill with y’all you better start making some changes in your leaders.

Fortunately not all humans are lame, Monsta Click Entertainment knows what’s up and is here is represent your civilization with some amazing and talented performers in honor of the most glorious holiday of 4/20.

This will be a free show so come on by our website and watch this awesome performance while you celebrate in style.

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Apr 16

THFL Presents Courtesy of Tim & Wildly Inconsistent, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

As the Spaceship approaches almost two of your Earth years since discovering your planet, we are reminded of the first Earth year anniversary of our arrival, where we witnessed the whirling might of the endlessly energetic band Courtesy of Tim.

These sneaky songsters of ska, have seemingly tricked us into having them back on our spaceship for a repeat round of raucous and rambunctious recitals. Will the Spaceship withstand this round of Ska-Punk energy? You bet we will!! And we will love every moment of it!! There is no doubt in our minds that you dear human, will also love every moment of this amazing reappearance of one of Madison’s premiere Ska bands!! To open the night we will be joined by musings of Wildly Inconsistent.

Head on over to https://thespaceship.tv/ and support the local live music scene for only $5. Share it with your friends and watch it as many times as you like. We appreciate all the love and support this great city has to offer.

If you like what you experience, please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv It takes a lot of work from a passionate crew of humans and aliens alike to make this all possible. We humbly thank you for your generosity.

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Apr 2

THFL Presents Maestranza, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

Observing the species of Earth can indeed be quite perplexing at times. There has always been those that do not follow natures given pathway. From geniuses and jazz musicians alike, the conventions of what is normal have always seemed inherently and unnecessarily constraining. The desire to break down these barriers, and the skills required to do so are not always in harmonious alignment.

Only a mastery of mind, and those most determined of heart can combine the harnessed energies that are locked away in hidden artforms that are only accessible to those that stray outside the boundaries. But be wary of straying to far out as one may find it hard to come back.

Once in a while, a group appears that can harness this madness into a tangible form more readily consumable to those afraid to venture into realms unknown. Please welcome to the stage, the magnanimous jazz musings of the noble Maestranza!! These talented troubadours will tickle your toe tips into a frenzy of footsteps you never knew you had in you. As core members guitarist Nathan Relles, & bassist Austin Bond, team up with a rotating cast of musicians and offer their takes on original compositions and fresh arrangements of standards.

Do not be afraid to venture out to our website https://thespaeship.tv and grab your tickets to this magnificent viewing experience!! Only $5 to watch this show over and over and over again. Do you dare to go ever further away from the norms that have been constructed to keep you away from the wonders of the universe? We’ll find out when we see you tuning in!!

Don’t forget to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv and please keep supporting live music in any form it takes.

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Mar 19

THFL Presents Combat Naps, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

As the long term effects of the virus become ever more prevalent, the human species faces new challenges, brought upon by the emerging mental repercussions this virus brings to light. Extreme fatigue and mental fog are among the reported long term symptoms from some of those that have been exposed to this menace.

Many humans are finding the need to take mid day naps in order to struggle through each day; and there is a yearning to restore the mind and body back to a more lively state.

We have found a fantastic weapon to combat those sleepy spells of unsolicited slumber. Enter the whimsical musings of the indie pop band Combat Naps. Escape into the blissful pop melodies that are so finely woven together, they form a unique energy that is bound to cheer you up, and motivate the youthful mindset that humans seek to achieve.

Do not miss this up and coming musical delight, tickets are only $5 at http://thespaceship.tv . Your support goes to help artists and studio crew alike to stay afloat in these ever more tiring times. So help up fight the snooze curse by supporting Combat Naps!! You won’t regret it.

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv your support truly does mean the universe to us.

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Mar 5

THFL Presents Bird’s Eye, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

The landscape of Earth has taken quite the toll over the last few years. The planet is reeling from the effects in a way it never has previously, and new challenges are fast appearing in this new arena. A new perspective must be adopted by the humans to change the course of their destructive means. If humans can’t see the galaxy for the planet, then there is little hope for your survival.

The Spaceship proudly welcomes Bird’s Eye to our stage.
Bird’s Eye will bring about a fresh new perspective, that will make you once see how much music plays a part in healing this planets wounds. Bird’s Eye seamlessly blends Hip Hop, Rock, Funk and Jazz into extremely catchy tunes that will inspire you to look deep inside your mind’s eye and contemplate existence itself. Or it may just make you wanna dance while you finish your laundry. Either way they will rock your damn soul, and you will enjoy every second of it.

Stop by the https://thespaceship.tv and grab your $5 ticket to this fresh perspective that only Bird’s Eye can provide. You’ll be glad you did as you use your fresh new perspective to go back out there and face the world.

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv We need space gas…

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Feb 19

THFL Presents Queen of Dreams, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

Humanities past with parliamentarism is still quite fresh in the history books. Monarchy rule is but a step in the early stages of cultural progress in some societies, far from the highly advanced hive minded species that have existed eons before Earth even coalesced around your single star solar system. Usually more advanced species have little to do with Kings and Queens, or Princesses and Princes, however there is always an exception to every rule. Some Queens command such power as to not be overlooked.

The Queen of Dreams is one of the most powerful forces earth may possess yet. We welcome their kingdom with open arms as they command a powerful Power/Prog Metal Energy that is refreshing new to the Madison music scene. Come witness the awesome force that is the Queen of Dreams. Their sound combines heavy riffs and catchy, soaring melodies with dazzling keyboard flourishes and progressive elements to create a truly epic experience.

Visit https://thespacship.tv to witness fresh new local music!! Tickets are only $5 and your money goes to support these fine local musicians. Its a win win for everyone. Gather your closest friends and stream it to your display for one low price!!

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv your help truly means the universe to us.

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Feb 5

THFL Presents Elements, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

In order to thrive as a species, it is important to understand the basics of the universe. The importance of subjects, ranging from mathematics and physics, to biology and chemistry, can not be understated, as they provide the foundation of all knowledge linked throughout the multiverses. It is indeed the one constant that binds them all together in intricate fashion. Losing sight of these basics can lead to losing your own senses of humanity, plunging you back into very dark times.

It seems the inhabitants of earth could use a refresher of some of these basics. We think its best to start with Elements. We welcome to our spaceship, the mysterious psy-trance artist from the dimension N-Osidami-VV, the one and only Elements!! Let their hypnotic trance envelope your mind, and elevate you to a higher place only few humans have achieved. Could this be your one chance to experience a true nirvana-like state? Maybe, but only if your mind is ready to accept it.

The only way to really find out is to experience it yourself at thespaceship.tv Tickets to Elements experience are only $5, not a bad price for cosmic enlightenment!! You will not want to miss out on this show.

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv We cherish your support and love for our great community of musician and artists.

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Jan 22

THFL Presents The Earthlings, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

Earth Year 2022 is off to a rocky start, the mutations are getting out of control and once again the humans are faced with peril. We had hoped you would have it figured out by now, this is yet another reminder that you are still just a young species at heart. So full of defiance and naivety, quite unlike more advanced hive minded species. Seems your love of freewill will be your doom. Music is your only chance to save you now.

This is why we have teamed up with a very talented group of humans, we shall refer to them as The Earthlings, as they seem to be the most willing to represent your species in musical energy form. These unwitting creatures will entertain you back from restlessness with their engaging tunes filled with catchy jams, and blissful melodies. This will be a fantastic way to kick the bad vibes back and stop it from taking deeper root.

So get your much needed dose of earthly energy by heading over to https://thespaceship.tv to get your tickets. Only $5!! Our streams last as long as the universe will allow… Watch live or watch later, it all helps to support local music!!

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv your donations help to make this all possible.

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Dec 31

Kat and the Hurricane Presents 2nd Annual NYE Big Queer Slumber Party!!!


The human race is celebrating some arbitrary point in space that is supposed to mark their annual rotation around their central star. We have decided to help them do it in style.

We bring back Kat and the Hurricane for a special send off to your earth year. Watch as they play in style the remainder of AD 2021. There will be other humans performing as well for this joyous celebration. The Spaceship welcomes Candace Griffin, Zenith Rising, and Woody Reed into our studios, and we are excited to host them here.

So please co me watch this free event at https://thespaceship.tv

Just click on the event and enjoy the show.

We hope you have a great New Earth Year AD 2022.

Please stay tuned for lots more great entertainment to come in this new year.

Dec 25

THFL Presents A YLAB Christmas, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

As the Christmas Spirit haunts the human psyche, its infectiousness is spreading to the crew of the Spaceship, In order to control this spirit for the betterment of humanity, we have teamed up with the wonderous wailings of YLAB!!!

This will be certainly be an evening to remember as YLAB brings a formidable set of punk and metal songs to kick those crusty old Christmas tunes straight to Centauri C. You will be overjoyed you didn’t miss this one. So come and join us for a special YLAB Christmas Episode!!

This show will be a $5 ticketed event, so make sure you visit our website to secure your ticket to the viewing deck.

Please remember to tip your art tenders your support is vital in keeping this show alive and on air. paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv

For more info on YLAB, please visit the following links:


Dec 11

THFL Presents Full Vinyl Treatment, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

With Winter nipping at the heels of humanity, the inhabitants of this distant rock are about to face the chilly cold arctic breezes that blanket the ground in plentiful little ice shards. Fortunately, this Spaceship is coming in hot, and continues to melt the Earth with its mighty musical forces. So heat up with our intergalactic friends, Full Vinyl Treatment as they celebrate 20 years of musical energy production!!

This will be an extra special show of force as Full Vinyl Treatment tantalizes your tune holes. Make sure you catch this live event and get a chance to watch the epic journey they will be taking through the universe!!

So please sign up and tune in to The Spaceship.tv and catch this great show. This will be a ticketed event. $5 per stream, so gather some close friends or family and share a stream!! Please remember to tip your art tenders, paypal.me/thespaceshiptv your support helps to keep us all alive! You don’t want us to die do you?!

For more information on Full Vinyl Treatment please visit the following links:


Nov 27

THFL Presents INFINI, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

After a fierce fall for the Spaceship’s new battle systems, we are returning with a force that should not be reckoned with. We are at full ionic charge and are more ready than ever to fight the resurgence in the threats that face the human race. With everything still teetering on the edge, our energy rays of live music are the still the safest method to replenish your musical energy reserves.

Coming to our stage are the theatric rock antics of Milwaukee’s own INFINI!!! They will shred your earth bound mind and make you forget the days of fall are almost over. You will be blissfully entertained by their meticulous metal musicality.

So once again board this virtual pirate spaceship and join us in our quest of universal musical proliferations by grabbing your ticket at http://thespaceship.tv tickets are only $5 and the show lives on for all eternity.

Please remember to tip your art tenders, paypal.me/thespaceshiptv your support helps to keep us going and provide the best that Madison and the surrounding area can offer!

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Nov 13

THFL Presents Free Dirt, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

After narrowly escaping from the clutches of the undead, the crew of the Spaceship soldiers on. Fall is well upon us and the cold is seeping in as the human planet continues on its orbit around its class G star. Best to stay warm and safe and store as much musical energy reserves as possible.

We would like to bestow upon the humans of earth a free show, let us treat you to some Free Dirt!! Come get it while it lasts!! Mountains of fun will be had with the musical musings of Free Dirt. Prepare for heaps of harmonious hymns, ranging from happy darkness, to light stargaze. So don’t be a stick in the mud and come watch some Free Dirt!! You really shouldn’t ever pass up a chance to catch some Free Dirt.

Stop by https://thespaceship.tv, create a free account and catch a free show featuring Free Dirt!! Please remember to tip your art tenders, paypal.me/thespaceshiptv. Your support helps to keep the concentrated dark matter going for this spaceship.

For more info on Free Dirt, please visit the following links:


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