Apr 20

Monsta Click Ent

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Once again, we partner with Madison’s own Monsta Click Entertainment to hot box the Earth’s atmosphere with stanky smoke, and crazy hot beats in celebration of the all mighty marihuana.

Most humans are unaware that this plant exists in many places outside of your solar system, and has been a staple of an untold amount of civilizations. It was brought here as soon as Earth’s atmosphere was stable enough to support it; and was used by inhabitants of this planet well before humans evolved. Any attempts to control and eradicate it are generally seen as uncool and most advanced species will shy away from planets that do. So if you want us aliens to come back and chill with y’all you better start making some changes in your leaders.

Fortunately not all humans are lame, Monsta Click Entertainment knows what’s up and is here is represent your civilization with some amazing and talented performers in honor of the most glorious holiday of 4/20.

This will be a free show so come on by our website and watch this awesome performance while you celebrate in style.

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Monsta Click Entertainment 420 Showcase 2022

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