Jan 22

The Higher Frequency Live

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Earth Year 2022 is off to a rocky start, the mutations are getting out of control and once again the humans are faced with peril. We had hoped you would have it figured out by now, this is yet another reminder that you are still just a young species at heart. So full of defiance and naivety, quite unlike more advanced hive minded species. Seems your love of freewill will be your doom. Music is your only chance to save you now.

This is why we have teamed up with a very talented group of humans, we shall refer to them as The Earthlings, as they seem to be the most willing to represent your species in musical energy form. These unwitting creatures will entertain you back from restlessness with their engaging tunes filled with catchy jams, and blissful melodies. This will be a fantastic way to kick the bad vibes back and stop it from taking deeper root.

So get your much needed dose of earthly energy by heading over to thespaceship.tv to get your tickets. Only $5!! Our streams last as long as the universe will allow… Watch live or watch later, it all helps to support local music!!

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv your donations help to make this all possible.

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THFL Presents The Earthlings, Live At The Spaceship

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