Mar 5

The Higher Frequency Live

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The landscape of Earth has taken quite the toll over the last few years. The planet is reeling from the effects in a way it never has previously, and new challenges are fast appearing in this new arena. A new perspective must be adopted by the humans to change the course of their destructive means. If humans can’t see the galaxy for the planet, then there is little hope for your survival.

The Spaceship proudly welcomes Bird’s Eye to our stage.
Bird’s Eye will bring about a fresh new perspective, that will make you once see how much music plays a part in healing this planets wounds. Bird’s Eye seamlessly blends Hip Hop, Rock, Funk and Jazz into extremely catchy tunes that will inspire you to look deep inside your mind’s eye and contemplate existence itself. Or it may just make you wanna dance while you finish your laundry. Either way they will rock your damn soul, and you will enjoy every second of it.

Stop by the and grab your $5 ticket to this fresh perspective that only Bird’s Eye can provide. You’ll be glad you did as you use your fresh new perspective to go back out there and face the world.

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THFL Presents Bird’s Eye, Live At The Spaceship

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