Dec 31


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The human race is celebrating some arbitrary point in space that is supposed to mark their annual rotation around their central star. We have decided to help them do it in style.

We bring back Kat and the Hurricane for a special send off to your earth year. Watch as they play in style the remainder of AD 2021. There will be other humans performing as well for this joyous celebration. The Spaceship welcomes Candace Griffin, Zenith Rising, and Woody Reed into our studios, and we are excited to host them here.

So please co me watch this free event at

Just click on the event and enjoy the show.

We hope you have a great New Earth Year AD 2022.

Please stay tuned for lots more great entertainment to come in this new year.

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Kat and the Hurricane Presents 2nd Annual NYE Big Queer Slumber Party!!!

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