Nov 14

Sweet Delta Dawn

The Higher Frequency Live

Join us for a night of psychedelic blues rock with a local Madison favorite, Sweet Delta Dawn. Their blend of musical energy is rich and hearty, with grooves so mighty you will be endlessly caught in their flows. A perfect compliment to the current energy reserves.

Observe, as they take you on a trip through outer space itself to explore its vast array of harmonious rhythms.

This will be a treat few humans get to witness, so please join us aboard our spaceship and see for yourself the wonders of the cosmos.

Please remember to tip your art tenders if ya can.

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Oct 31

The Skintones & Plant

The Higher Frequency Live

Get ready as we are about to beam you with another mind melter of a rawk show. Now that we have you in our tractor beam you be powerless to resist the forces of one of the fiercest local bands in Madison ever. The Skintones!!! Get ready as they continue the onslaught of live musical energy that is to be ingested for human pleasure and contentment.

There will be some good Halloween fun as well, so dress up in a costume and play along if you like.

This episode will also feature a new artist called Plant, this will be Plant’s first show and features members of local favorites Cuda, Birth of Tragedy, Twelve Gauge Pump and Grotto. Be sure to check them out and give them some of that good local love.

And yes, you heard that right, our second two-band bill!!! Again, twice the musics into your shiny devices!! How can anyone resist this abundance of musical energy? All humans must feed their souls this energy or risk the consequences. Remember winter will be upon us soon.

This will be a ticketed event so get your tickets at our new box office when they become available!!

and hey, maybe even tip your art tenders if ya can.

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Oct 17

Brainerd & Dogsblood

The Higher Frequency Live

Madison’s own Hard Rocker BRAINERD!!! These guys will melt your brains with musical death rays. There will be no stopping your head from banging once you are under their musical control. You will be powerless to resist this burst of musical awesomeness!!

Opening up the evening will be a new band here in Madison called Dogsblood. With former Pyroklast and Poison Idea guitarist Brandon Bentley shredding your mind with his new local band. You will also not want to miss this amazing musical debut.

And yes, you heard that right, our first two-band bill!!! Twice the musics into your shiny devices!! Twice the musical energy to store and help get you prepared for the upcoming earth winter.

kindly remember to tip your art tenders

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Oct 3

All Meridians

The Higher Frequency Live

Coming Soon!! The fantastic group, All Meridians will be playing a Live CD release Show!!

This will be a ticketed event with options for real artist CDs and albums!! Real Merch!!!

$4 for the Live Stream
$7 Stream + Digital Download
$15 Stream + Physical CD
$27 Stream + LP

Join the awesomeness and watch this show with us on Saturday October 3rd at 8pm, it is going to kickass!!

oh and please remember to tip your art tenders

PayPal: [email protected]

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Sep 19


The Higher Frequency Live

The Legendary ROBOMAN!! Madison rocker Rob Oman will be dazzling you with his one man musical musings. Careful though you might get crushed by this episode if you get to close!! Consider yourself warned.

Seriously though, you should really watch this show with us on Saturday September 19th at 8pm and be ready to have a great time.

oh and please remember to tip your art tenders

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Sep 5


The Higher Frequency Live

A soothing and quixotic performance from the local artist FlowPoetry. Always a one of a kind performance brought to live through masterful storytelling and avant-garde rhythms.

Best enjoyed with a bottle of wine or perhaps our favorite drink, this will be one musical journey you will want to experience.

Please come join us on Saturday September 5th at 8pm and take a load off my friend.

oh and please remember to tip your art tenders

Aug 22

This is Madness

The Higher Frequency Live

On Deck we have the rambunctious band This Is Madness from Sturgeon Bay, fronted by former Madisonian Morgan Rae.

You may remember Morgan from the local Madison bands Devil to Drag and One Last Run. Morgan will be visiting in town and will rock the shit out us with her new group. And we look forward to it.

This show will be on a Friday instead of our normal Saturday time slot as we do not want to miss this opportunity. And you won’t want to miss it either!!

So Tune In Friday August 14th at 8pm Dammit and get your socks rocked off!!

oh and please remember to tip your art tenders

Aug 16

Martinez White


Please join us for a special virtual book release Sunday August 16th at 7pm hosted by Comedian Antoine McNeail.

With us that night will be the extremely talented Author Martinez White. Martinez will be performing excerpts from his new book “Think Like A DJ: 7 Steps To Spin Poverty Into Prosperity” Additional appearances by DJ Gemini GIlly and Iesha K.

There will also be a silent auction for Black Lives Matters Art that you will not want to miss, so please tune in Sunday August 16th at 7pm.

And please remember to tip your art tenders

Aug 8

Mike Crawford

The Higher Frequency Live

A special tribute show to honor the memory of Ryan Gronli. Musician Mike Crawford will perform a set of songs in dedication to his life here on Earth.

So please sit back, relax with your favorite drink in your favorite chair and celebrate the good moments in life while we still can. Don’t forget to keep in contact with those you love amid all the craziness.

Please remember to tip your art tenders

Jul 25

Mhos & Ohms

The Higher Frequency Live

This is one fine local Madison Band, a two-piece formed from veteran rockers Tony Leskinen. and J Wunderlin.

Prepare as they take you on a sonic journey with intricate six string bass melodies and high-energy drumming. Please tune in, this is one set you won’t want to miss!!

Jul 11

City Of Djinn

The Higher Frequency Live

Hailing from Chicago, artists Marwan Kamel and Micah Bezold are two very talented musicians with a wide range of influences. Please tune in to see this one of kind set.

Don’t forget to tip your art tenders

Jun 20

Jam For Peace


Please come and join us this evening for a very special live event.

Hosted by comedian Antoine McNeil & Dexter “Tefman” Patterson, The would like to present, Jam For Peace 2020.

This event will showcase many different artists and musicians, from all over Madison, displaying their talents to a live streamed audience.

Featuring Performances by,

– Taye Sharkie
– Lature Carter
– DJ Martinez White
– Tas Raww
– 608 Trace
– Opal Ellyse
– Red The Bully
– Iri Music
– P. Swagger
– Rob DZ
– Mr. Grass
– Jemini
– Rambunxious
– Big Daddy Earl
– Art Brothas
– Vilas Park Sniper
– And More!!

This event is working to help raise money for The Urban Triage organization to meet it’s target funding goal.

If you enjoyed tonight’s event, please consider donating by clicking this link

For more information about Urban Triage, visit

Jun 18

Josh Harty

The Higher Frequency Live

On Deck next we have the talented Josh Harty. Josh is a veteran musician that will be sure to delight you.

Please remember to tip your art tenders,
Paypal: [email protected]

May 30

Robby Schiller

The Higher Frequency Live

On deck this week we have the delightful Robby Schiller to tickle your tune feathers.

Please don’t forget to tip your art tenders

Thank you


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