Dec 25

The Higher Frequency Live

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As the Christmas Spirit haunts the human psyche, its infectiousness is spreading to the crew of the Spaceship, In order to control this spirit for the betterment of humanity, we have teamed up with the wonderous wailings of YLAB!!!

This will be certainly be an evening to remember as YLAB brings a formidable set of punk and metal songs to kick those crusty old Christmas tunes straight to Centauri C. You will be overjoyed you didn’t miss this one. So come and join us for a special YLAB Christmas Episode!!

This show will be a $5 ticketed event, so make sure you visit our website to secure your ticket to the viewing deck.

Please remember to tip your art tenders your support is vital in keeping this show alive and on air.

For more info on YLAB, please visit the following links:

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THFL Presents A YLAB Christmas, Live At The Spaceship

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