Nov 27

The Higher Frequency Live

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After a fierce fall for the Spaceship’s new battle systems, we are returning with a force that should not be reckoned with. We are at full ionic charge and are more ready than ever to fight the resurgence in the threats that face the human race. With everything still teetering on the edge, our energy rays of live music are the still the safest method to replenish your musical energy reserves.

Coming to our stage are the theatric rock antics of Milwaukee’s own INFINI!!! They will shred your earth bound mind and make you forget the days of fall are almost over. You will be blissfully entertained by their meticulous metal musicality.

So once again board this virtual pirate spaceship and join us in our quest of universal musical proliferations by grabbing your ticket at tickets are only $5 and the show lives on for all eternity.

Please remember to tip your art tenders, your support helps to keep us going and provide the best that Madison and the surrounding area can offer!

For more information on INFINI please check out the following links:

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THFL Presents INFINI, Live At The Spaceship

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