Feb 19

The Higher Frequency Live

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Humanities past with parliamentarism is still quite fresh in the history books. Monarchy rule is but a step in the early stages of cultural progress in some societies, far from the highly advanced hive minded species that have existed eons before Earth even coalesced around your single star solar system. Usually more advanced species have little to do with Kings and Queens, or Princesses and Princes, however there is always an exception to every rule. Some Queens command such power as to not be overlooked.

The Queen of Dreams is one of the most powerful forces earth may possess yet. We welcome their kingdom with open arms as they command a powerful Power/Prog Metal Energy that is refreshing new to the Madison music scene. Come witness the awesome force that is the Queen of Dreams. Their sound combines heavy riffs and catchy, soaring melodies with dazzling keyboard flourishes and progressive elements to create a truly epic experience.

Visit thespacship.tv to witness fresh new local music!! Tickets are only $5 and your money goes to support these fine local musicians. Its a win win for everyone. Gather your closest friends and stream it to your display for one low price!!

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv your help truly means the universe to us.

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THFL Presents Queen of Dreams, Live At The Spaceship

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