Apr 30

The Beefonomicon Explained, Explicated, Eruditely Elucidated by BEEFUS


Through various visits to your planet and observing your species, we have noticed an odd trend amongst a small subset of modern humans. That is the irrational idea for some to cling to old ways, or reminisce about the olden days… The belief that somehow life without advancements of technology was in some ways better. It even seems to run unchecked with your governments as they cling to old religious texts that tell of long dead generations that suffered untold hardships through misunderstanding of the events of the time. Clearly not seeing the great technology of the third evolutionary epoch for what it truly was.

When blind devotion outpaces technological advancements, the results will be regression, hardship, and suffering and can lead to outright extinction. The current proliferation of hominids does not yet grasp that they are in the fourth round of mammalian civilizations to exist after the others were wiped out by massive global calamities, burying them under miles of silt and bedrock. Technology was not what failed the previous epochs but the spread of corruption and belief in false narratives each and every time. And it seems the path of the fourth epoch may be no different.

There is always time for your species to figure out the true meaning of technology, and that is to free the populace from the mundane, and let them explore and generate excellence through achievement and devotion to craft. Perhaps it may be best to show you a glimpse into the earlier epochs, to demonstrate how clinging to the past may not be the grand foundation to base your beliefs around.

We welcome back a very special entity, to impart to you a glorious, re-enacted piece of long forgotten historical solarion galactic lore, the almighty anti-rock outfit BEEFUS!! They will sizzle your sawteeth with sensational soliloquies slathered in Seginusian sloggleslesh. For those that even know what that is, we know just how psyched you are!! So come join in on this amazing learning opportunity, where you can even call into a mysterious number to heighten the experience. This will be a very unique adventure unlike any earth has seen before, so please make sure you are not standing while viewing this, as temporal disruptions are likely to occur. Most are harmless, some pleasant even, but some leave ever last impacts of extra spatial awareness that may be hard to forget, even beyond the living form. Something you refer to as schizophrenia I believe…

Anyways forget all that and come enjoy the show over at www.thespaceship.tv . This will be another free show as we pass back through to another universe far away for an opportunity sadly you humans will never be able to enjoy with your primitive 5 sense mind. (There are 4 additional senses required to enjoy said event that you sadly have no idea exist) We felt you may need some additional musical energies as we have been away for a bit.

Make sure to tip your humanoid art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv as this solar revolution seems particularly hard for humanity. It appears the ruling class lately has been drunk on archaic ruminations they really know nothing about save for the false platitudes of professed prophets. Maybe it is time for another flood event, you better just hope the Arlaxians don’t come back this way like did close to 13,000 revolutions ago now.

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Apr 20

Monsta Click Entertainment 420 Showcase 2023

Monsta Click Ent

The Humans from Monsta Click Entertainment have once again found their way aboard our spaceship as we passed through your arm of the galaxy on our way to visit an old friend the next star system over, you know the one, that star system…

It was beneficial that we host our good friends as they can help us with wonderous gifts that we can bestow to others across the universe in our travels. The gift of truly unique musical mastery and that of the mysterious plant you call marihuana. There are many exotic forms of matter throughout the universe that produce mystical effects on the mind; and the combination of earthen music and your version of this ancient plant produces very enjoyable effects that rival the best of them. You’d be surprised how popular what you call “70’s Music” is outside your planet. We find it adorable you name your musical styles based on proportional revolutions around your star. Some civilizations would sadly destroy you for doing that, based purely on your being a species that naturally cling to the old ways.

Fortunately not all advanced alien cultures are lame, and Monsta Click Entertainment knows what’s up and is here is represent your civilization to the rest of the universe with some performances so hot and fiery that it may risk burning off your ozone layer. Good thing we are here to help rebroadcast and diffuse that energy over your planet properly, and out into space in the safest of manners.

This will be a free show so come on by our website and watch this awesome performance while you celebrate in classic 420 style. Humans Turn Up!

please remember to tip your art tenders at


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Jan 7

THFL Presents Half Catholic, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

Vibrational energy is the foundational fabric of every universe. Each universe is its own song, filled with the notes of every object large and small, all vibrating at their own frequencies and harmonic overtones. In turn the atoms forming various states of matter are vibrating vigorously, giving each and every object its own sonic signature. Brain activity is tied to electrical impulses firing off neural responses, all of which is also related to frequency and vibrational energy. Consciousness itself is born from all this vibrational energy and is the end result of all of these micro vibrations as they combine into a single complex waveform of energy that is then multiplexed by the brains internal receiver.

Without this vibration energy, the universe would cease to exist as nothing would keep matter holding itself together. The bonds between various particles and their subatomic particles are all linked to vibrations, of which define their very state of matter. Similarly, consciousness would also cease to exist without being intertwined with this vibrational energy. Various forms of energy and matter can be modified into other forms of energy and matter through scientific processes, involving the combination or deconstruction of various atomic states. This leads to the question of, can conscious thought also be altered?

Can consciousness itself be retuned to visit other existences or planes of reality? Many of the older religious texts on your planet seem to indicate that humans at one point did have this ability to do so, but most current humans seem largely oblivious to the very existence of the vibrations that govern both their physical form and their mental activity. This disassociation with vibration can lead to feelings of emptiness and lack of connection to the universe at large. Understanding even the most basic principles of this connection can lead to great things for those that look for a deeper connection to the mysteriousness of life.

Music itself is made from combining various notes together to form yet another complex waveform, this time one that is rebroadcasted out for others to relish in and relate with experiences of joy, passion and even pain and grief. Music can help realign thought wave patterns to be retuned for various emotions, giving it a real power to shape the waveforms and complex frequencies that interact with developed brain systems. Being able to tap into these energies and create tunes that resonate with other life forms can be tough to achieve, but we have found a group of humans with the amazing ability to do so.

Coming from Rockford Illinois we welcome to our Spaceship, Half Catholic. This formidable four piece will fluster your feelings, helping to forget your frustrations and find fulfillment from fun loving, finely crafted songs. This is a very exciting event for us here the Spaceship, we hope that you will join us all in giving Half Catholic some love by visiting our website and grabbing your ticket to this broadcast. You will be glad you did as these guys craft some pretty kick ass tunes and we are happy to help them share them with the rest of your planet. Tickets are only $5 for this event, and you get to rewatch it again whenever you like after the fact so what are you waiting for?

And please don’t forget to tip your art tenders here at the spaceship.tv, your help allows us to keep feeding these the humans that assist in the making of this show. Human food is despairingly expensive in your late stage capitalistic society it seems and your graciousness is much appreciated. Visit paypal.com/paypalme/TheSpaceshiptv to or click on the donation link on the show page to send your donations. Humans helping other humans is definitely one of the cooler aspects of your societies and is a checkmark in favor of preserving your species.

For more information on these benevolent bards”, please visit the following links:

Bandcamp: www.half-catholic.bandcamp.com

youtube: www.youtube.com/halfcatholic

instagram: @halfcatholic

Facebook: www.facebook.com/halfcatholic

Twitter: www.twitter.com/halfcatholic_

Dec 31

New Year’s Eve with Max Ink Radio, Civic Media and TheSpaceship.TV

Max Ink Radio

The people of Earth are once again about to partake in their traditional celebration of some arbitrary point in space around their Class G star System. We aboard the Spaceship find this quaint when we get the chance to observe these rituals in the wild. Every so often we come upon primitive planets that have figured out the mathematics for accurately calculating planetary spin and solar rotations into “days” and “years”. Earths is quite simple really; you should consider your species lucky to live out where large galactic developments have not yet reached technological oversaturation and cosmic overconsumption.

The notion of days and years do not exist where we are from. Though they are something we tend to learn about early on in our stage 2 developmental studies. We learned that solar systems way out in galactic arms, far from their centers, tend to develop more stable gravitational planes. This can lead to lifeforms being less suitable for deep space travel without great technological assistance from visiting species. Life out in the starburbs and beyond into what you might refer to as the galactic “back woods” (Earth is really far out there) definitely have less chaotic evolutionary tales.

Life in the inner galactic solar systems can be far less forgiving. More hustle and bustle than life out in the arms. For instance, our binary star system has seen much upheaval through both natural and interspecies conflicts, that have vastly altered the gravitational forces governing many planets within. Light from multiple points in space shining on complex rotations not set into disc-like planes makes the concept of a day very difficult to pinpoint. Add in the constant changes to gravitational forces through planets getting destroyed, and the famed gravitational experiments that forever altered our course through space, you might start to see how time can not be calculated based on simple planetary rotations alone.

Making things even more difficult is the need for constant interplanetary migration when it appears your planet might be doomed all over again. Some planets are more open than others in accepting new inhabitants from other worlds when needed. This makes the need to be constantly searching for emergency backup planets very important for those species equipped for such an event. So, when we do get to see a planet like Earth celebrating a full rotation around their star, it brings about a sort of nostalgia for when we had to study about it. You are not subjected to seeking out new worlds, at least not yet. You get to live relatively peacefully in the blissful wonders of your galactic arms until the inner systems expand outwards encroaching on your ways of life. We want to make the most of it with you while we still can.

The Spaceship would like to assist the humans once again in their quaint celebrations by partnering up with quite the force in local live music. We are pleased to welcome aboard, Max Ink Radio and their rowdy crew. Jimmy K, Teri Barr and Rokker himself will take over the spaceship to host their regular radio show both live on video here on our website, in addition to audio broadcasts to Civic Media’s Radio Network of AM/FM Stations across Wisconsin. Also streaming on the Civic Media App and website. There will be interviews and live performances by The Civil Engineers, Lynda & the Zeros, and Porky’s Groove Machine, as well as all the traditional fun of the radio show but with video!! Best part about this event is that it is free to all on all platforms!! So come help us help you ring in your new year in style by tuning in on your medium of choice.

The humans we have gathered here at the spaceship also seem to like it when you tip your art tenders. Please partake in doing so by going to paypal.com/paypalme/TheSpaceshiptv Your earthly trinkets help these humans from being cast out into the dredges of your society. While we can certainly appreciate the cultural offerings your planet produces, there is still all that war stuff you need to figure out. Bad look overall for humanity, make us proud by assisting your fellow humans.

This event will surely be one for the galactic history books, unlike that one event we had once where the multidimensional federation appeared and took the entre planet to space prison. What was that planets name again.. ah no matter they’re long gone now. This celestial event and the next one on Draxia III are the two best events we’ve seen yet. And no we do not just say that to every planet we visit… really we don’t.

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Dec 16

A Special Evening with Marsden


Conscious memories and thought continue to mystify all forms of primitive and precocious protoplanetary populations alike. It appears the deeper sentient beings probe into the boundless abundance of their brains, bits of bioengineered bewilderment become bundles of boggling botherations for those of basic cerebral function. Indeed, it can feel as though you may be caught in some kind of loop, where your thoughts appear to feedback into themselves endlessly over and over and over again. There are those that will misinterpret this as evidence of some great simulation, or as a proof of sentient robots harvesting human energy for unlimited energy sources. The reality is that there is a yearning for long lost connections once strongly held between all living forms of life. The notion of promnesia or Déjà vu is often experienced by those with severed connections from the universal truths.

In fact, it may seem that very recently we had our first trifectal performance here at the spaceship.tv, in truth that was eons ago for us as we skip across many realms on our quest for the ultimate form of entertainment. Time is quite arbitrary for us, not so for you though, seems it is but as they say a river for humankind. Man, that must suck. Sorry your kind is saddled with that poor bit of unfortunate luck. Not sure why really either, most forms of life are time agnostic and can achieve multidimensional travel freely with ease. Perhaps someday you will unlock your long-lost potentials, for now you shall have to live with the amnesia of your true potential by enduring the promnesia that is absence brings. Life sure can be odd like that.

One being from your planet does seem capable of breaking this feedback loop all on his own, allowing musical mastery to flow through his body, into his songwriting and instrumentational prowess. The space astronaut/musician known as Marsden (Marsden Music) will be celebrating his own trfectal appearance on the spaceship.tv. It was Marsden’s crafty tunesmanship that first appeared on our radar when you Earthlings sent out your mental distress signal back in Earth May of 2020. Marsden returned for a second performance of musical might the following solar revolution. This time his powers have grown stronger, and he has convinced a noble arrangement of pure talent to help elevate his already powerful songs even higher.

Please give us a hand in welcoming back to the spaceship for his third performance, Marsden and his band. This will be a special Friday performance. Tickets to see this event live will be ten American earth dollars ($10) and shall be archived for later viewing last as long as time will allow it to. This will be quite the awesome musical event as Marsden promotes to the universe his new album “Tune It Out” available now on all streaming platforms. So come join in helping Marsden celebrate the release of all the hard work and dedication that has been poured into this musical art piece by watching it live on www.thespaceship.tv

To better improve memory functions and reduce the possible onset of promnesia, please consider a donation to your cosmic art-tenders at www.paypal.com/paypalme/TheSpaceshiptv. Every little bit helps and is appreciated beyond measure. Thank you for your contribution to the universe.

For more information on Marsden, please visit his Linktree:

Dec 10

THFL Presents a Robby Schiller Xmas, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

Conscious memories and thought have long mystified both undeveloped and highly advanced creatures alike. It seems the more that is discovered about the many mechanisms of the mind, even more mysteries materialize, manifesting and multiplying into the multifaceted methodologies of metempsychosis. But humans have a long way to go before they are able to transcend their own consciousness and connect into other beings, celestial and terrestrial, on wavelengths far outside those captured on your primitive measurement tools. Most every living human is completely unaware that what current earthly lore calls a “soul” has long been referred to by many civilizations as ψυχή.

Those once known as the ancient Greek here on Earth, were the closest of all earthly civilizations to even start to begin the path to understanding the true underpinnings of conscious thought. Most of that ancient philosophical knowledge is morosely hidden inside the secret Vatican Libraries, awaiting a time when they may once again come to light and aid humanity on its greater quest into the universe. Until that day though humankind must make do, and work to understand the more immediately tangible things the universe has to offer. Advancement of Science, Mathematics, and the Fine Arts need to flourish alongside society to allow for the perfect settings required for the exotic and, peregrine seeds of inspiration to take cosmic root in those of open mind.

Once those seeds do grow though, they can be absolutely magical in the fruits they produce. Ones that will often lead into greater prosperity for those beings that embrace their connections the universe will forge within their minds. Many a great works of art, inventions, and philosophies have come about this way over the course of history. But as with everything there is always a downside. Misinterpretations of these connections can lead to feelings of empty desires for power, lust, greed, and control; every religious sect on earth is a direct result of this basic misinterpretation. Arcane beliefs in fantastical all-powerful god like beings are all too common it seems in your brief history thus far. If you really want to have the rest of the galactic civilizations reach out to Earth again, you need to reexamine your existing evangelical evaluations to these ethereal engagements.

One entity that seems to get it here on your planet is a veritable veteran of our visual verisimilitude. This human has transcended many a journey through the cosmic connections he has created and curated for himself. His preternatural interplanetary passages prior on our platform have delighted many viewers on this and other untold worlds many times over. The Spaceship welcomes back with tingly tentacles, the trifectal appearance of the tenacious Robby Schiller. Robby was our second test subject back when we happened upon your distressed planet, his vast musical workings include local bands such as The Blueheels, Little Legend, and more recently Free Dirt.

Robby is also well known for putting on robust musical displays that highlight the absurdity of one cosmic connection that has gone horribly wrong for far too long in human history. That which you call Christmas was meant to be a delightful story about an alien being that tried to bring emotions of joy to the many younglings in the universe. It was meant to nourish empathic trans-neural connections through story rather than turn to a holiday filled with greed and overconsumption. Thus, your version of the Xmas story has neutered your ability to fully digest the value in which it truly represents. It is but one of many examples of how humans have misconstrued these connections. Making them ultimately undesirable for contact. Schillers performances on this topic are refreshing to hear from your kind, it provides hope for humankind that you may pull your collective heads out of the cosmic sands once and for all.

So please come visit this fresh reminder of what only a Robby Schiller Christmas special can provide. Light-hearted fun and levity at the months long tradition that has been forced down humanity’s collective throats for far too long. $5 is quite the bargain for a genuine escape from traditional Earthen Christmas melodies, wouldn’t you say? So come join us revel at www.thespaceship.tv and bring about an arbitral end to your ghastly holiday traditions.

And if you truly wish to help free the rightful knowledge of the universe from the clutches of Vatican control, (or just wish to help our cause supporting local music) a small donation to www.paypal.com/paypalme/TheSpaceshiptv is always a safe venture as exposing universal truths is quite daunting at times. We greatly appreciate your generosity in these homogenous times.

For more on Robby’s past and current Cosmic Connections please visit the following links:








Nov 26

THFL Presents Warhawks, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

Circling the cold outer depths of your solar system there are many forgotten rocky remnants, a few of which recently humans have discovered and catalogued. But deep in those distant dregs await a daunting array of dark and undiscovered detritus and debris; with a past even darker than that of the void in which they exist. Whispers of an ancient cataclysmic war and of untold destruction, one that predates most life on your planet, are isolated only to the dreariest dens of Deimos. Indeed, the violent events of this excursion are what led to the vast proliferation of just about every living species in your solar system, as all manner of microbial and bacterial organisms were thrust outward into the icy vacuum of space, preserving them for whatever final destination awaits them.

Even today, the Ancient Scholars that tend the infinite vault of universal knowledge rarely discuss the events that surround what happened so long ago, doing so only in utmost secrecy. The human race will never be able to fully comprehend the true nature of their past, as they are but a misgiven byproduct that emerged from the scant remains of a once glorious existence. Life on Earth in truth is but a sad reminder of the untimely loss of but many wonderful and unique creatures, some that had even endured more than two billion of years of fruitful evolution prior. What little history remains suggests this war did indeed fall on the side of nobility and justice but at a great cost. As such there were no heroes in this battle, and many of those that valiantly fought, had scattered to the farthest reaches possible to avoid facing the awful truths of their well-intended efforts.

However, in all the remaining legends that have been uncovered, all speak of the return of the ultimate band of warriors known only from loose translations as “Warhawks”. It is understood that these “Warhawks” randomly appeared in a furious blast of punk infused energy, thrashing through the tyrannical and corrupted forces of diabolical despots, aimlessly venturing through on a once in an eon interdimensional tour of the septaversal segment of which you reside. It seems by cosmic chance, that this was the turning point in that awful conflict, though ultimately the catalyst for the resulting devastation that came thereafter. In a flash those known only as “Warhawks” were gone, following a galactic highway known only to them. (There is a rumor about obscure text regarding some past event known only as Gainesville Fest) A great many generations have waited to see if they will return and prove the legends true.

Imagine our surprise to uncover a punk bank here on Earth also called ‘Warhawks”. Could it be? After all these millennia? Is this indeed the long-awaited return of the intergalactic band from the ancient legends? That is what we intend to find out after we abduct and subject them to our rigorous routines of raucous research. They have proven hard to pin down thus far, but after many months we have finally tracked them down to their secret location.

Please welcome to our virtual venue, the one and only “Warhawks” (Not to be confused with some other New Jersey band called THE Warhawks) We shall test their mighty thrash forces and see if they truly are the stuff of legends; and we are about 65% sure they are!!! (That other Warhawks band certainly wasn’t up to the test, they melted immediately) However we will require your humanly assistance for this one. With your ancient lineage and unique genetic connection, we cannot be the sole arbiters of this task of proving penultimate punk perturbations, for the stakes are far too great. Five of your earthly dollars can be deposited at www.thespaceship.tv , in return you will obtain a front row seat to the most ultimate show you will ever see in a million lives. You shall also serve as protection in the form of a buffer from the potentially lethal forces that may be unleashed upon us all.

It is also highly advisable to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv. Neglecting to do so may open additional interdimensional rifts that lead to horrific cosmic mishaps, possibly even greater magnitudes of abandoned asteroid fields, etc, etc, which nobody wants…. Right…?

For more information on those known only as “Warhawks”, please visit the following historical records:






Nov 12

THFL Presents Michael Darling, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

For those that have travelled the mountain ranges and valleys of the large rocky planetary conversation zone around the Xi Persei solar system, you will be immediately familiar with the rushes you get from the wondrousness highs and low experienced from the otherworldly terrain. This zone, formed long ago from an intense planetary formation process, combined many exotic raw elements together in new and beautiful ways. The energies harvested from the connection to this zone can be equally as powerful as those felt from the vibrations of musical greatness.

These unique and awe-inspiring planetary formations are akin to an artist The Spaceship crew is excited to bring on board to our deck for observation. The tremendously talented musings of Michael Darling will be beamed into your shiny little devices for the immediate consumption of pure musical moxie.

Drawing from a cosmic array of influences ranging from indie pop, xerifirn, folk and jazz, Michael has led a life connected to the energy of music from the first spark of existence. Emerging from multiple generations of musical mastery, the melodies Michael melds will mesmerize your musical flow, much like the mountains and meadows of Menkib in the early months of the Magadau.

To fully experience this delightful show, we highly suggest you book your trip to Xi Persei now, as the interstellar live event will most certainly sell out in nanoseconds. There you will experience a show so entertaining and vibrant it will resonate with you well beyond your expected life span and into the next. For those that cannot make the trip, we recommend you tune in to thespaceship.tv to catch but a mere glimpse of the greatness you would otherwise miss out on. 5 tokens of monetary worth will allow you to peek into the untold beauty of these remote planets.

As always please remember to tip your human art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv it helps sustain their life-giving supply of snacks and alcohol.

For more information on Michael Darling, please visit the following links:







Nov 5

The Spaceship Presents – Wisconsin Doomed and Stoned 2022

WI Doomed & Stoned

We though we’d check in on your little planet to see if your politics surrounding your high court have improved since we last visited. Sadly humans still seem determined to control other humans through cruelty, based in twisted interpretations of past occurrences between our races long ago. There is no eternal glory in bringing others suffering, but there is value in bringing joy through music.

With that we return to your planet to help make a giant burst of musical energy spread as far as humanly possible. We are glad to assist with bringing you a multitude of magnificent metal music made to mesmerize your medulla oblongata.

Humans, we preset to you Wisconsin Doomed & Stoned 2022, a live event hosted at the High Noon Saloon November, 5th starting at 5pm CST We are partnering with many great human based organizations such as 92.7 Devil Radio – Max In Radio, WSUM, WORT, Aftershock Classic Arcade, and Toke Mage to bring you a lineup to make over half the galaxy wanting to tune it. This will be a special Earth only event however so make sure you grab your ticket to this real earth based event at the High Noon Saloon. There may be quite a few galactic travelers in to see this one. It certainly will be epic!!

Show lineup includes:
The Well
20 Watt Tombstone
Cold Black River

you will not want to miss this event brought to you by TheSpaceship.tv

IF you are really lucky we may transmit our advanced space rig on location to allow for a virtual stream to take place. This would be a limited viewing event not available for rewatch. Stay Tuned for additional details

Oct 29

THFL Presents Beefus, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

As fall creeps in and society collectively blocks from memory the last two years of existence, we thought is was wise to remind humans that life can be quite fragile and society is always teetering on the brink of total chaos and collapse. The only thing stopping it is the belief that everything will be okay in time and that the ends seemingly justify the means.

But do not believe the veil of smiles from those perched above, they lie in wait to prey upon the weak and feast from what is left from the hunt. Humanity is but a means to an end for those powerful enough to rule this planet.

There is legend, of one mighty force that may be able to withstand and conquer those that prey upon disenchanted souls. And so we go in search of the fiercest unfurling of pure anti-rock fury we have ever fathomed. Known as none other than, Beefus!!! If the legends are true, be prepared to have your eyes melted by the hottest guitar licks ever played and the rest of your body disintegrates back into the universe from which it came.

While this experience sounds frightening at first, rest assured you will be lifted into a higher plane of consciousness where you will no longer need that old husk of human flesh you called a body. Your new form will be vastly superior and will break the will of those that try to empower you.

Sounds too good to be true? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. Only one way to find out I guess. Head over to https://thespaceship.tv/ , grab a ticket and see for yourself what lies in wait. I’m pretty sure either way you’ll be glad you did. This unique mixture of human and otherworldly beings is a great example of the ability of music to bring together beings from many different galaxies!!

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv Your species reliance on money makes defending local arts quite difficult indeed. Your support helps keep this all alive and we love you for it!!

For more information on Beefus, please visit the following links:







Oct 15

THFL Presents Jason Vargas & The Apollos Returns To The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

Seems the planet Earth has done well using their musical energy reserves. Much good has come from persistence during our long absence from your star system. Indeed there are many worlds we help bring musical energies to; in fact there would be many a great Earthly bards that would appreciate the musical ring of planets of the Kepler star system that exist solely to the universal arts of musical mastery. Their tunes are so powerful their energy waves propagate throughout the universe, sometimes finding their way into the minds of musicians untold light years away. Your famed Mozart was indeed one of these unique musical antennas tuned into the mastery of which we speak.

It is our study of this phenomenon that once again brings us back to your star system, as we once again bring you the refreshingly talented band Jason Vargas and the Apollos. After their first abduction on board our spaceship and our continued research into their powers, we believe they may as well be a conduit to the greats from afar. There is something to their style that deserves a deeper look into the connection they are channeling when deep in groove galaxy.

We encourage the rest of you humans to come join us in our research into this amazing astral connection that is a sight very rare indeed. If you have researched at all the history of what you refer to as Kepler 10291683 then you know exactly what I mean. This is truly some exciting stuff.

You can find your portal here to aid in our research, a small stipend of $5 helps us stimulate this salient study for a successful culmination of cosmic Keplan composition.

Please also remember to tip your art tenders, your support is vital in keeping this important research going into the deepest reaches of the universe.

For more info on Jason Vargas & the Apollos please visit the following links.

Jun 25

THFL Presents MudFire, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

An invisible force seems to hold a sinister grip upon the planet. Between the threats of war, corruption, pestilence, and famine, the energy needed to prevail is constantly challenged by the onslaught of oppression and darkened ideals.

All the musical energies of the past have held fast and have long spread hope that has spanned many a generation. But the evils loom ever more powerfully as of late. New forces must emerge to help join the battle and spark fierce new energies to the flames.

The Spaceship would like to welcome to the scene just such a fierce spark to help usher in a new age of musical energies to boost your juices. Here to mesmerize you is the mighty music of Mudfire!! Fronted By Madison Veteran Justin Roettger (Axiom), this fresh two piece band will make sure to deliver a fresh sound to help revitalize your musical essence and fight back those dark thoughts.

So come join us in welcoming Mudfire to the stage as we celebrate their commitment to blasting killer music into the universe. Tickets are only $5 at TheSpaceship.tv your support goes to support these amazing musicians bring you live music straight to your media devices.

Tipping your art tenders is always a plus, we do appreciate your support as well if you like what we do.
paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv it really means the universe to us.

For more information on MudFire please visit the following links:


May 28

THFL Presents Help Desk, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

If you have ever been around any of the untold advanced civilizations and highly evolved species that make up this plane of existence, you will find technology that has been developed and harnessed to some of the most incredible levels. The true extent of the knowledge this universe contains is unfathomable to those not advanced enough to grasp it’s more exotic constructs.

Humans have only harnessed but a small fraction of this understanding of the great wisdom that awaits. Your species still have quite a ways to go to unlocking the greatest of secrets that this universe holds. Yet there is one secret that still eludes even the most advanced of species…

And that is how to make it so that all this damn technology works…. Seriously why do things not work when I need it too. You’d think that even advanced species would have found a way to make stuff last forever but nooo, why do we still struggle with failing tech.. Rrrrr. Seems even the most advanced civilizations still need to call up Help Desk every once in while. Time to submit a ticket…

Or in this case buy a ticket to come see one of Madison’s hottest bands around!! Help Desk will be coming aboard our spaceship to directly lend us a hand in elevating all systems to tier 3 advanced support. Once they comb our ship for bottlenecks, alleviate ailing hardware, and update our uplinks, we will been in prime order to defend against all that come between us and supporting local artists.

This is a great opportunity to get your most frustrating technical questions answered by the mightiest Help Desk this section of the Galaxy has ever seen!! If they were any mightier, you would implode from the blackhole that would be created inside your brain, so thank you lucky stars so to speak.

Tickets to this fine event are only $5 and are available at:
https://thespaceship.tv/ so why don’t you join us in learning what the fine Humans at Help Desk have to offer.

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May 14

THFL Presents Blake Thomas, Live At The Spaceship

The Higher Frequency Live

Emerging from the Ghost Wars, The Spaceship is due for some recuperation. At the same time humanity is recuperating as well. Daily life still seems like a quasi- dream state; as routines start slowly shifting back to something we once thought as familiar but now seem strangely foreign. The veil of society lifted but for a brief moment, but then quickly hidden behind layers of high tech obscurities.

Humanity will need all of the energy it can get to face the changing landscapes. This is a great time to recollect and sit with friends new and old alike, and relish the company of great music that can be created amongst such great friends.
Our next artist will provide the inspiration to delve deeper connections with those around you. Help form a sense of community that is desperately needed for most to maintain high spirits and healthy outlooks.

Please welcome to our spaceship the benevolent bard Blake Thomas. Blake will be bringing a magical set of fine Folk Americana medleys with his band from Duluth Minnesota. Come watch this amazing show and be filled to the brim with positive musical energies that will help you weather through this odd existence.

Visit https://thespaceship.tv/ to purchase your ticket to this event. Come chat with us live on Saturday May 14th at 8pm CST Tickets are only $9.99 and help support local musicians face this odd existence along with us all.

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv your support means a lot to us and helps us put out the best show we possibly can.

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