Apr 2

The Higher Frequency Live

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Observing the species of Earth can indeed be quite perplexing at times. There has always been those that do not follow natures given pathway. From geniuses and jazz musicians alike, the conventions of what is normal have always seemed inherently and unnecessarily constraining. The desire to break down these barriers, and the skills required to do so are not always in harmonious alignment.

Only a mastery of mind, and those most determined of heart can combine the harnessed energies that are locked away in hidden artforms that are only accessible to those that stray outside the boundaries. But be wary of straying to far out as one may find it hard to come back.

Once in a while, a group appears that can harness this madness into a tangible form more readily consumable to those afraid to venture into realms unknown. Please welcome to the stage, the magnanimous jazz musings of the noble Maestranza!! These talented troubadours will tickle your toe tips into a frenzy of footsteps you never knew you had in you. As core members guitarist Nathan Relles, & bassist Austin Bond, team up with a rotating cast of musicians and offer their takes on original compositions and fresh arrangements of standards.

Do not be afraid to venture out to our website thespaeship.tv and grab your tickets to this magnificent viewing experience!! Only $5 to watch this show over and over and over again. Do you dare to go ever further away from the norms that have been constructed to keep you away from the wonders of the universe? We’ll find out when we see you tuning in!!

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THFL Presents Maestranza, Live At The Spaceship

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