Dec 11

The Higher Frequency Live

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With Winter nipping at the heels of humanity, the inhabitants of this distant rock are about to face the chilly cold arctic breezes that blanket the ground in plentiful little ice shards. Fortunately, this Spaceship is coming in hot, and continues to melt the Earth with its mighty musical forces. So heat up with our intergalactic friends, Full Vinyl Treatment as they celebrate 20 years of musical energy production!!

This will be an extra special show of force as Full Vinyl Treatment tantalizes your tune holes. Make sure you catch this live event and get a chance to watch the epic journey they will be taking through the universe!!

So please sign up and tune in to The and catch this great show. This will be a ticketed event. $5 per stream, so gather some close friends or family and share a stream!! Please remember to tip your art tenders, your support helps to keep us all alive! You don’t want us to die do you?!

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THFL Presents Full Vinyl Treatment, Live At The Spaceship

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