Nov 13

The Higher Frequency Live

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After narrowly escaping from the clutches of the undead, the crew of the Spaceship soldiers on. Fall is well upon us and the cold is seeping in as the human planet continues on its orbit around its class G star. Best to stay warm and safe and store as much musical energy reserves as possible.

We would like to bestow upon the humans of earth a free show, let us treat you to some Free Dirt!! Come get it while it lasts!! Mountains of fun will be had with the musical musings of Free Dirt. Prepare for heaps of harmonious hymns, ranging from happy darkness, to light stargaze. So don’t be a stick in the mud and come watch some Free Dirt!! You really shouldn’t ever pass up a chance to catch some Free Dirt.

Stop by, create a free account and catch a free show featuring Free Dirt!! Please remember to tip your art tenders, Your support helps to keep the concentrated dark matter going for this spaceship.

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THFL Presents Free Dirt, Live At The Spaceship

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