Apr 30

The Higher Frequency Live

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Mysterious shadows are seeping around the spaceship. Even with all of our advanced analytical and precision detection systems, the source of these shadows continue to elude us. As we get ready for an adventure into the unknown aspects of humanities deepest desires, we must be prepared for what we encounter not only surrounding us, but what find inside ourselves.

Come explore in a musical journey unlike any other as the auditory and visual senses are melded together as one, by none other than the artistry of You Of All People, featuring the live visuals of Ghost Wars. Conceptualized by Thomas Ferralla, also known for the Bluestem Jazz shows showcased around Madison.

Be sure to take in this transcendent experience that explores dimensions previously unknown to the human species. This is a rare opportunity for those seeking the greater truths of the universe, or a simple evening of delightful contemplation. The choice is yours alone whether to partake on this adventure with us into the shadows that await.

If you choose to come along for the ride, then head over to thespaceship.tv/ to secure your seat in this spaceship as it travels far beyond your solar system to astounding worlds beyond your imagination.

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv space fuel is not cheap these days let me tell you.

For More information on The Artists, see below:

ghost wars:

america is a ghost in a void bent into the sum of our mistakes
where shadows wander in the darkness unseen
teetering on the edge of chaos
merchants of certitude deliver holy capitalism
— where war follows money and money follows war… endless wars
this is the business that is our america

[excerpt from america is a ghost_thomas ferrella]

a film_handcrafted in real time by aaron granat + thomas ferrella
music by you of all people – ed ahrens_kevin schaefer_nick orlowski_phil redman_steve tyska_thomas ferrella

thomas ferrella
untethered, auto-didact, visual and performance artist resides in madison, wi, he has participated in a
carl wilkens fellowship, nominated by TIME for a “can’t miss” photography show at the gage gallery
[chicago] in 2016, won a NBC award for his 30 year photo-documentary work of roadside memorials
titled not forgotten, premiered his 1 world project in cuba in 2017 and is known in small circles for
running bluestem jazz, ghost wars is his third film with granat and you of all people

aaron granat
Aaron Granat is a video artist, cinematographer, editor, and teacher of media production. Spanning live,
multi-media performance, documentary, screen dance, experimental, and dramatic narrative, his work
has been exhibited in museums, film festivals across the world, music venues large and small,
planetariums, and billboards in city centers. Unbound by traditional forms and structures, Aaron seeks
the interdisciplinary merging of practices, aestheticizing the creative process and the phenomena of
reality in thought-provoking ways.

you of all people is a sonic frontier collective


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THFL Presents You Of All People featuring Ghost Wars, Live At The Spaceship

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