Mar 19

The Higher Frequency Live

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As the long term effects of the virus become ever more prevalent, the human species faces new challenges, brought upon by the emerging mental repercussions this virus brings to light. Extreme fatigue and mental fog are among the reported long term symptoms from some of those that have been exposed to this menace.

Many humans are finding the need to take mid day naps in order to struggle through each day; and there is a yearning to restore the mind and body back to a more lively state.

We have found a fantastic weapon to combat those sleepy spells of unsolicited slumber. Enter the whimsical musings of the indie pop band Combat Naps. Escape into the blissful pop melodies that are so finely woven together, they form a unique energy that is bound to cheer you up, and motivate the youthful mindset that humans seek to achieve.

Do not miss this up and coming musical delight, tickets are only $5 at . Your support goes to help artists and studio crew alike to stay afloat in these ever more tiring times. So help up fight the snooze curse by supporting Combat Naps!! You won’t regret it.

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THFL Presents Combat Naps, Live At The Spaceship

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