Nov 5

The Spaceship Presents – Wisconsin Doomed and Stoned 2022

WI Doomed & Stoned

We though we’d check in on your little planet to see if your politics surrounding your high court have improved since we last visited. Sadly humans still seem determined to control other humans through cruelty, based in twisted interpretations of past occurrences between our races long ago. There is no eternal glory in bringing others suffering, but there is value in bringing joy through music.

With that we return to your planet to help make a giant burst of musical energy spread as far as humanly possible. We are glad to assist with bringing you a multitude of magnificent metal music made to mesmerize your medulla oblongata.

Humans, we preset to you Wisconsin Doomed & Stoned 2022, a live event hosted at the High Noon Saloon November, 5th starting at 5pm CST We are partnering with many great human based organizations such as 92.7 Devil Radio – Max In Radio, WSUM, WORT, Aftershock Classic Arcade, and Toke Mage to bring you a lineup to make over half the galaxy wanting to tune it. This will be a special Earth only event however so make sure you grab your ticket to this real earth based event at the High Noon Saloon. There may be quite a few galactic travelers in to see this one. It certainly will be epic!!

Show lineup includes:
The Well
20 Watt Tombstone
Cold Black River

you will not want to miss this event brought to you by

IF you are really lucky we may transmit our advanced space rig on location to allow for a virtual stream to take place. This would be a limited viewing event not available for rewatch. Stay Tuned for additional details


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