May 28

The Higher Frequency Live

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If you have ever been around any of the untold advanced civilizations and highly evolved species that make up this plane of existence, you will find technology that has been developed and harnessed to some of the most incredible levels. The true extent of the knowledge this universe contains is unfathomable to those not advanced enough to grasp it’s more exotic constructs.

Humans have only harnessed but a small fraction of this understanding of the great wisdom that awaits. Your species still have quite a ways to go to unlocking the greatest of secrets that this universe holds. Yet there is one secret that still eludes even the most advanced of species…

And that is how to make it so that all this damn technology works…. Seriously why do things not work when I need it too. You’d think that even advanced species would have found a way to make stuff last forever but nooo, why do we still struggle with failing tech.. Rrrrr. Seems even the most advanced civilizations still need to call up Help Desk every once in while. Time to submit a ticket…

Or in this case buy a ticket to come see one of Madison’s hottest bands around!! Help Desk will be coming aboard our spaceship to directly lend us a hand in elevating all systems to tier 3 advanced support. Once they comb our ship for bottlenecks, alleviate ailing hardware, and update our uplinks, we will been in prime order to defend against all that come between us and supporting local artists.

This is a great opportunity to get your most frustrating technical questions answered by the mightiest Help Desk this section of the Galaxy has ever seen!! If they were any mightier, you would implode from the blackhole that would be created inside your brain, so thank you lucky stars so to speak.

Tickets to this fine event are only $5 and are available at: so why don’t you join us in learning what the fine Humans at Help Desk have to offer.

Please remember to tip your art tenders at Tier 3 support does not come cheap these days… stupid annual support plans….

For More information on Help Desk, please visit the following links:

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THFL Presents Help Desk, Live At The Spaceship

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