Apr 20

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The Humans from Monsta Click Entertainment have once again found their way aboard our spaceship as we passed through your arm of the galaxy on our way to visit an old friend the next star system over, you know the one, that star system…

It was beneficial that we host our good friends as they can help us with wonderous gifts that we can bestow to others across the universe in our travels. The gift of truly unique musical mastery and that of the mysterious plant you call marihuana. There are many exotic forms of matter throughout the universe that produce mystical effects on the mind; and the combination of earthen music and your version of this ancient plant produces very enjoyable effects that rival the best of them. You’d be surprised how popular what you call “70’s Music” is outside your planet. We find it adorable you name your musical styles based on proportional revolutions around your star. Some civilizations would sadly destroy you for doing that, based purely on your being a species that naturally cling to the old ways.

Fortunately not all advanced alien cultures are lame, and Monsta Click Entertainment knows what’s up and is here is represent your civilization to the rest of the universe with some performances so hot and fiery that it may risk burning off your ozone layer. Good thing we are here to help rebroadcast and diffuse that energy over your planet properly, and out into space in the safest of manners.

This will be a free show so come on by our website and watch this awesome performance while you celebrate in classic 420 style. Humans Turn Up!

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Monsta Click Entertainment 420 Showcase 2023

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