Oct 29

The Higher Frequency Live

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As fall creeps in and society collectively blocks from memory the last two years of existence, we thought is was wise to remind humans that life can be quite fragile and society is always teetering on the brink of total chaos and collapse. The only thing stopping it is the belief that everything will be okay in time and that the ends seemingly justify the means.

But do not believe the veil of smiles from those perched above, they lie in wait to prey upon the weak and feast from what is left from the hunt. Humanity is but a means to an end for those powerful enough to rule this planet.

There is legend, of one mighty force that may be able to withstand and conquer those that prey upon disenchanted souls. And so we go in search of the fiercest unfurling of pure anti-rock fury we have ever fathomed. Known as none other than, Beefus!!! If the legends are true, be prepared to have your eyes melted by the hottest guitar licks ever played and the rest of your body disintegrates back into the universe from which it came.

While this experience sounds frightening at first, rest assured you will be lifted into a higher plane of consciousness where you will no longer need that old husk of human flesh you called a body. Your new form will be vastly superior and will break the will of those that try to empower you.

Sounds too good to be true? Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t. Only one way to find out I guess. Head over to thespaceship.tv/ , grab a ticket and see for yourself what lies in wait. I’m pretty sure either way you’ll be glad you did. This unique mixture of human and otherworldly beings is a great example of the ability of music to bring together beings from many different galaxies!!

Please remember to tip your art tenders at paypal.me/TheSpaceshiptv Your species reliance on money makes defending local arts quite difficult indeed. Your support helps keep this all alive and we love you for it!!

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THFL Presents Beefus, Live At The Spaceship

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