Nov 12

The Higher Frequency Live

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For those that have travelled the mountain ranges and valleys of the large rocky planetary conversation zone around the Xi Persei solar system, you will be immediately familiar with the rushes you get from the wondrousness highs and low experienced from the otherworldly terrain. This zone, formed long ago from an intense planetary formation process, combined many exotic raw elements together in new and beautiful ways. The energies harvested from the connection to this zone can be equally as powerful as those felt from the vibrations of musical greatness.

These unique and awe-inspiring planetary formations are akin to an artist The Spaceship crew is excited to bring on board to our deck for observation. The tremendously talented musings of Michael Darling will be beamed into your shiny little devices for the immediate consumption of pure musical moxie.

Drawing from a cosmic array of influences ranging from indie pop, xerifirn, folk and jazz, Michael has led a life connected to the energy of music from the first spark of existence. Emerging from multiple generations of musical mastery, the melodies Michael melds will mesmerize your musical flow, much like the mountains and meadows of Menkib in the early months of the Magadau.

To fully experience this delightful show, we highly suggest you book your trip to Xi Persei now, as the interstellar live event will most certainly sell out in nanoseconds. There you will experience a show so entertaining and vibrant it will resonate with you well beyond your expected life span and into the next. For those that cannot make the trip, we recommend you tune in to to catch but a mere glimpse of the greatness you would otherwise miss out on. 5 tokens of monetary worth will allow you to peek into the untold beauty of these remote planets.

As always please remember to tip your human art tenders at it helps sustain their life-giving supply of snacks and alcohol.

For more information on Michael Darling, please visit the following links:

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THFL Presents Michael Darling, Live At The Spaceship

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