Jan 7

The Higher Frequency Live

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Vibrational energy is the foundational fabric of every universe. Each universe is its own song, filled with the notes of every object large and small, all vibrating at their own frequencies and harmonic overtones. In turn the atoms forming various states of matter are vibrating vigorously, giving each and every object its own sonic signature. Brain activity is tied to electrical impulses firing off neural responses, all of which is also related to frequency and vibrational energy. Consciousness itself is born from all this vibrational energy and is the end result of all of these micro vibrations as they combine into a single complex waveform of energy that is then multiplexed by the brains internal receiver.

Without this vibration energy, the universe would cease to exist as nothing would keep matter holding itself together. The bonds between various particles and their subatomic particles are all linked to vibrations, of which define their very state of matter. Similarly, consciousness would also cease to exist without being intertwined with this vibrational energy. Various forms of energy and matter can be modified into other forms of energy and matter through scientific processes, involving the combination or deconstruction of various atomic states. This leads to the question of, can conscious thought also be altered?

Can consciousness itself be retuned to visit other existences or planes of reality? Many of the older religious texts on your planet seem to indicate that humans at one point did have this ability to do so, but most current humans seem largely oblivious to the very existence of the vibrations that govern both their physical form and their mental activity. This disassociation with vibration can lead to feelings of emptiness and lack of connection to the universe at large. Understanding even the most basic principles of this connection can lead to great things for those that look for a deeper connection to the mysteriousness of life.

Music itself is made from combining various notes together to form yet another complex waveform, this time one that is rebroadcasted out for others to relish in and relate with experiences of joy, passion and even pain and grief. Music can help realign thought wave patterns to be retuned for various emotions, giving it a real power to shape the waveforms and complex frequencies that interact with developed brain systems. Being able to tap into these energies and create tunes that resonate with other life forms can be tough to achieve, but we have found a group of humans with the amazing ability to do so.

Coming from Rockford Illinois we welcome to our Spaceship, Half Catholic. This formidable four piece will fluster your feelings, helping to forget your frustrations and find fulfillment from fun loving, finely crafted songs. This is a very exciting event for us here the Spaceship, we hope that you will join us all in giving Half Catholic some love by visiting our website and grabbing your ticket to this broadcast. You will be glad you did as these guys craft some pretty kick ass tunes and we are happy to help them share them with the rest of your planet. Tickets are only $5 for this event, and you get to rewatch it again whenever you like after the fact so what are you waiting for?

And please don’t forget to tip your art tenders here at the spaceship.tv, your help allows us to keep feeding these the humans that assist in the making of this show. Human food is despairingly expensive in your late stage capitalistic society it seems and your graciousness is much appreciated. Visit paypal.com/paypalme/TheSpaceshiptv to or click on the donation link on the show page to send your donations. Humans helping other humans is definitely one of the cooler aspects of your societies and is a checkmark in favor of preserving your species.

For more information on these benevolent bards”, please visit the following links:

Bandcamp: half-catholic.bandcamp.com

youtube: youtube.com/halfcatholic

instagram: @halfcatholic

Facebook: facebook.com/halfcatholic

Twitter: twitter.com/halfcatholic_

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THFL Presents Half Catholic, Live At The Spaceship

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