Dec 16



A Special Evening with Marsden


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Conscious memories and thought continue to mystify all forms of primitive and precocious protoplanetary populations alike. It appears the deeper sentient beings probe into the boundless abundance of their brains, bits of bioengineered bewilderment become bundles of boggling botherations for those of basic cerebral function. Indeed, it can feel as though you may be caught in some kind of loop, where your thoughts appear to feedback into themselves endlessly over and over and over again. There are those that will misinterpret this as evidence of some great simulation, or as a proof of sentient robots harvesting human energy for unlimited energy sources. The reality is that there is a yearning for long lost connections once strongly held between all living forms of life. The notion of promnesia or Déjà vu is often experienced by those with severed connections from the universal truths.

In fact, it may seem that very recently we had our first trifectal performance here at the, in truth that was eons ago for us as we skip across many realms on our quest for the ultimate form of entertainment. Time is quite arbitrary for us, not so for you though, seems it is but as they say a river for humankind. Man, that must suck. Sorry your kind is saddled with that poor bit of unfortunate luck. Not sure why really either, most forms of life are time agnostic and can achieve multidimensional travel freely with ease. Perhaps someday you will unlock your long-lost potentials, for now you shall have to live with the amnesia of your true potential by enduring the promnesia that is absence brings. Life sure can be odd like that.

One being from your planet does seem capable of breaking this feedback loop all on his own, allowing musical mastery to flow through his body, into his songwriting and instrumentational prowess. The space astronaut/musician known as Marsden (Marsden Music) will be celebrating his own trfectal appearance on the It was Marsden’s crafty tunesmanship that first appeared on our radar when you Earthlings sent out your mental distress signal back in Earth May of 2020. Marsden returned for a second performance of musical might the following solar revolution. This time his powers have grown stronger, and he has convinced a noble arrangement of pure talent to help elevate his already powerful songs even higher.

Please give us a hand in welcoming back to the spaceship for his third performance, Marsden and his band. This will be a special Friday performance. Tickets to see this event live will be ten American earth dollars ($10) and shall be archived for later viewing last as long as time will allow it to. This will be quite the awesome musical event as Marsden promotes to the universe his new album “Tune It Out” available now on all streaming platforms. So come join in helping Marsden celebrate the release of all the hard work and dedication that has been poured into this musical art piece by watching it live on

To better improve memory functions and reduce the possible onset of promnesia, please consider a donation to your cosmic art-tenders at Every little bit helps and is appreciated beyond measure. Thank you for your contribution to the universe.

For more information on Marsden, please visit his Linktree:

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