Oct 15

The Higher Frequency Live

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Seems the planet Earth has done well using their musical energy reserves. Much good has come from persistence during our long absence from your star system. Indeed there are many worlds we help bring musical energies to; in fact there would be many a great Earthly bards that would appreciate the musical ring of planets of the Kepler star system that exist solely to the universal arts of musical mastery. Their tunes are so powerful their energy waves propagate throughout the universe, sometimes finding their way into the minds of musicians untold light years away. Your famed Mozart was indeed one of these unique musical antennas tuned into the mastery of which we speak.

It is our study of this phenomenon that once again brings us back to your star system, as we once again bring you the refreshingly talented band Jason Vargas and the Apollos. After their first abduction on board our spaceship and our continued research into their powers, we believe they may as well be a conduit to the greats from afar. There is something to their style that deserves a deeper look into the connection they are channeling when deep in groove galaxy.

We encourage the rest of you humans to come join us in our research into this amazing astral connection that is a sight very rare indeed. If you have researched at all the history of what you refer to as Kepler 10291683 then you know exactly what I mean. This is truly some exciting stuff.

You can find your portal here to aid in our research, a small stipend of $5 helps us stimulate this salient study for a successful culmination of cosmic Keplan composition.

Please also remember to tip your art tenders, your support is vital in keeping this important research going into the deepest reaches of the universe.

For more info on Jason Vargas & the Apollos please visit the following links.

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THFL Presents Jason Vargas & The Apollos Returns To The Spaceship

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