Oct 31

The Higher Frequency Live

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Get ready as we are about to beam you with another mind melter of a rawk show. Now that we have you in our tractor beam you be powerless to resist the forces of one of the fiercest local bands in Madison ever. The Skintones!!! Get ready as they continue the onslaught of live musical energy that is to be ingested for human pleasure and contentment.

There will be some good Halloween fun as well, so dress up in a costume and play along if you like.

This episode will also feature a new artist called Plant, this will be Plant’s first show and features members of local favorites Cuda, Birth of Tragedy, Twelve Gauge Pump and Grotto. Be sure to check them out and give them some of that good local love.

And yes, you heard that right, our second two-band bill!!! Again, twice the musics into your shiny devices!! How can anyone resist this abundance of musical energy? All humans must feed their souls this energy or risk the consequences. Remember winter will be upon us soon.

This will be a ticketed event so get your tickets at our new box office when they become available!! thespaceship.tv/box-office.html

and hey, maybe even tip your art tenders if ya can.

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The Skintones & Plant

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