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The hot hot Summer months are upon the human race and the sweltering heat can be very draining to the energy reserves. And while the world slowly returns to normal, the live events of the past are certainly a great way to replenish some of that spent energy.

But be forewarned, not all is as it seems and the masses still face a serious challenge with the virus mutating and taking on new forms. Caution is still a wise idea if the return to normal is to remain permanent. We can provide the means to refill your energy as safely as possible.

This next band hails from the city of Milwaukee and will load you up with good old punk rock enthusiasm. We are pleased to welcome the insanely awesome Alternative Radio to the stage!! They will blast you in the face with their punk rock tunes!!

So please tune in and catch this great show. This will be a ticketed event. $4 per stream, so gather some close friends or family and share a stream!! Please remember to tip your art tenders, your support helps to keep us going and provide the best that Madison and the surrounding area can offer!

For more information on Alternative Radio please visit these following links!

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