Nov 28

The Higher Frequency Live

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WARNING!! Human Holiday season has fallen upon the North American continent, high risk of musical energy depletion syndrome is expected. Large storage reserves of this energy will be much needed and in short supply this upcoming winter.

Fill your reserve systems up with a dose of extra heavy metal musical energy with the band Disgunt!! This extra heavy form of musical energy will resist the decaying properties, lasting longer as the heavy metals course through your human bodies. Perfect choice for the harsh season approaching. This band will be sure to crush you under the weight of its metal they are so heavy.

Only a fool human would resist this bounty of musical energy bestowed upon the planet.

This will be a ticketed event so get your tickets at our new box office. Tickets are ONLY $4!!

Please remember to tip your art tenders if ya can.

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THFL Presents Disgunt, Live at The Spaceship

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