H.U.M from the Spaceship.TV Presents a Night with Educational Davis

H.U.M From The Spaceship

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h̵͖͊e̷͓̱͐l̸̼̇́l̶̤̓o̶̰̐ ̶̮͂͐h̵͍̣̾u̷͇͖͒m̴͓͊̏ạ̸͒n̵̠̍s̵̝̃̏,̴̘̪͗ ̵̡̽͝ẇ̵͍̈e̷̗̒͒l̴̗̰̅͑c̸͉̰̒o̵̼͎̽̕m̶͓͕͐͐e̴̙͗ ̴̹̻́̕t̸̘͂͛ō̴͇ ̸͇̕H̶̺̖́.̵͎̎̀U̸̲̘͠.̴͕̀̇M̶̤̓.̵̜͆…

Sorry, forgot to turn off the intergalactic translation device.

Don’t worry we didn’t say anything bad about the human race. You are totally our most favored of all the invasive species we have set upon the various worlds we visit. Much more style and class than the brutish Ploravians we let go too far on K2-72e.

Take for example this interesting specimen we have been studying. The ever perplexing and vexing Educational Davis. This unique mass of cells has captivated our multi-staged heart vessels enough to bring him out of stasis to perform for your amusement much as he has ours.

His latest work “Navigation” is a spiraling cavalcade of voluptuous tunes designed to take you on a journey through the mind. This human has taught us a great wealth of knowledge over our course of studies; and we now understand why he is called Educational Davis. Join us to come to same conclusions as we did on why he is so darned educational. You will most certainly learn of great secret untold!!

Tickets to this event are only $7 in advance and $10 day of show. So get your ticket early and save a few dollars. See the learning starts now!!

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