H.U.M from the Spaceship.TV Presents a Night with Dorian Delorian

H.U.M From The Spaceship

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H.U.M. From The Spaceship proudly presents our first night of Trance with a late evening set by the Mysterious Dorian Delorian!!

Come bask in the warm glow of the musical rays that will be emanating from your music machines late into the night and the early morning. This will be an extra special treat you will not want to miss out on so get your tickets for this event and make sure you watch this amazing episode of H.U.M. From The Spaceship.

Tickets to this event will be $10 and will be avialable to view live on air Friday, February 12th starting at 9PM Central.

Please remember to tip your art tenders, your support helps keep this spaceship flying.

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