Mar 6

The Higher Frequency Live

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The long harsh winter is almost over and the new spring brings hope to the humans amidst the great plague. But caution is still heeded until you are truly safe.

Come take an evening to watch Shawn Bass’ new band Or Does It Explode? and stay safe from the dangers of outdoors. Shawn has previously played here with his band All Meridians back in October of last year, we welcome him back to perform once again for all of our amusement.

Come join us once again for another fine evening of metal music broadcast to your shiny devices.

This show will be a $4 ticketed event, so make sure you visit our website to secure your ticket to the viewing portal.

Please remember to tip your art tenders your support is vital in keeping this show alive and on air.

For more info on Or Does it Explode please visit the following links.

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THFL Presents Or Does It Explode?, Live at The Spaceship

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