Oct 2

The Higher Frequency Live

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After a tenuous space battle with our previous guests, we are revving up of our battle systems to prepare for the full armada of our next musical guests. Reforming from the farthest reaches of your galaxy, we are please to welcome the formidable musical energy from none other than Rogue Rat!!!

This blast of sheer rock and roll energy will exponentially enhance your current rock reserves, and overflow your cup of rock juice well past the brimming point!! You will experience shredding riffs that make even the speed of light itself jealous!! So tune it for the return of Rogue Rat, you will not regret this event.

So get beamed aboard our virtual pirate spaceship and set sail through the cosmos by visiting thespaceship.tv. Grab your ticket for only $5, all shows are viewable for all eternity and half of all money collected goes to the artists.

Please remember to tip your art tenders, paypal.me/thespaceshiptv your support helps to keep us going and provide the best that Madison and the surrounding area can offer!

For more information on Rogue Rat please check out the following links:


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THFL Presents Rogue Rat, Live At The Spaceship

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