Jun 12

The Higher Frequency Live

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This period of uncertainty can certainly be draining of all energies, the end of the virus can almost be tasted. Best to boost your energy reserves now for what may be the final stretch.

And we have just the band to on board to juice up your Jupiter class star jumper, known across your galaxy, please welcome, the refreshingly talented, Raine Stern and her world class band of humans

We are unbelievably excited for this event and you should be as well!! So much amazing musical energy to be had and shared. This will be a most intergalactic performance, and will be their audition to see if they get excepted into the prestigious show Tau Ceti e Has Talent!!

Tickets to the live stream are only $10 and can be purchased by signing in to our website and clicking on the show.

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For more information on Raine Stern, check out these links:


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THFL Presents Raine Stern Live at The Spaceship

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