Oct 16

The Higher Frequency Live

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Fall is in full order now and things are still a little strenuous on earth, with mysterious mutations on the edge of an already perilous situation, the unknown continues to strike at the heart of social consciousness. Our defense systems are still very much functional at keeping the virus at bay while continuing to provide the much need musical energy that humans crave.

To further fight the viral scourge and triple your dose of rock energy, we have teamed up with the unstoppable musical muscle of the great Droids Attack. Their ultra powerful maze of musical majesty will mystify the menacing microbes into madness beyond that is capable of human understanding. This band is the pinnacle of dudeitude fronted by the dudeimus himself Brad of Van!! Do not miss this galactic event.

So come join us fight the evils of the world with our upgraded battleship by grabbing your ticket at
thespaceship.tv tickets are only $5 and the show lives on for eternity.

Please remember to tip your art tenders, paypal.me/thespaceshiptv your support helps to keep us going and provide the best that Madison and the surrounding area can offer!

For more information on Droids Attack please check out the following links:


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THFL Presents Droids Attack, Live At The Spaceship

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