Dec 25

The Higher Frequency Live

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With no end to the virus in sight, humankind must take shelter to survive the brutal winter ahead. Come partake in some extra special healing energy provided by more shared memories of wonderful events of MAXMAS past.

Once more reanimated with new and improved space technologies far beyond the current human understanding.

We cordially present to you part deuce of a very special episode of The Higher Frequency:

A MAXMAS Story: The Search for the Ghost of the Spirit of the Search for MAXMAS IV

This episode will feature art, photos, & video from past MAXMAS shows, and the audio from the 2014 Back to Back extravaganza shows at the Frequency. So many songs and media to choose from.

But wait there’s more!!!

Exclusive new interviews from people who were actually there man!!

And if you all remain good human beings (yes all 8 Billion of you, we know it’s hard but its only for a few days come on) there WILL be a super secret surprise waiting for us under the MAXMAS tree this year. So make sure you tune in to this extra extra super special episode.

This show will be also free for all to enjoy.

Please remember to tip your art tenders if ya can.

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A MAXMAS Story The Search for the Ghost of the Spirit of the Search for MAXMAS IV Part Deuce

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