Apr 20

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The best method earthlings have for communication with aliens is a fragrant plant with seven-fingered leaves. When humans crumble up the buds of such plants, set them ablaze and inhale the smoke, all sorts of extraterrestrial communication becomes possible.

April 20 is the time of the year when this communication is strongest, and Monsta Click Entertainment is putting on a festival for the occasion.

If you’re a hip-hop fan in Madison, this is a cannot-miss event, featuring the comedy of Dumo3x, sketches by Big Daddy Earl, and the music of Derek John, Haddi Kamara, Dumo3x, Big Daddy Earl, and other hot guest features. If you don’t know yet, you will real soon…

This will be a free event to showcase the hottest artists of Monsta Click’s array of talent, and to celebrate the holidaze!!

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