Free shows can be viewed by clicking on the link specific to the show, the show should be viewable to watch with out a user account.  Shows that require paid admission, do require you to sign up/log in to a user account here on our website.  Accounts are free to create and after buying a ticket, you will be allowed to access all of your purchased shows by clicking the show link on the website.

Our apologies for the troubles, we are still working out all the kinks in the website, if you are experiencing issues, try refreshing the desired show page or try another browser and/or device.  Some devices seem to work better than others and we are working to try a create a smooth experience on as many devices as possible.  If you continue to have issues, email [email protected] and describe your issue; please add your username, any confirmation numbers, and the nature of the issue.  Device type, operating system, and browser are helpful as well for us to build a better picture of problematic devices.  We do try to create the best experience we can and appreciate your patience while we improve our operations.

Absolutely!  We do not delete past shows and in fact keep them as long as we can afford the server space!!  If a show is listed as free then you can watch it wherever and whenever.  If the show still requires a paid ticket, then you must use a user account to either purchase or re-watch  a previous purchased show.  Some shows are ticketed for a season and go free after the season ends, some are always ticketed, and some are always free.  It really depends on the nature of the show.

Not yet, but this is something we are working on and is on the to do list for future additions.  We are not yet sure how to best offer the most content and at what price.  We would be happy to hear from our viewers on what a fair membership rate might be and what content you would like to see in the future.

This is another feature that we are working to implement in a way that makes it easy to send our shows to gifts for users.  Please stay tuned for future updates.

Absolutely not!!  We are happy to have people buy a single ticket and share it to display for a room full of people!!  In fact we refer to it as our sneak your friends through the front door policy.  The more people that see our work the better really, hopefully those that enjoy the shows will also help donate to help support local live music and art.

We tally up all ticket sales and site donations per show and split the money with the artists on an agreed upon amount.  Most of the time this is a 50/50 split between artists and venue.  Though some artists and shows have negotiated terms that better favor the artists depending on various factors.  We are open to different arrangements as situations present themselves.  we encourage artists to please feel free to start an open dialog with us.  In addition to the payout, artists will receive a link to the show where they can download and use the audio and video it for promotional material, music videos etc. as long as The is credited.

Typically not, our goal to create a following of music lovers large enough to support paying artist and keeping us afloat through tickets sales and donations.  Some artist labels have worked out agreements where they paid us to put out free shows so that they can promote their acts.  We are open to all sorts of different methods, but ultimately we aim to not be a place where artists have to pay to play.  We do not believe in exploiting artists to play for sake of exposure, we want to remain as artist focused as possible.  We want to be the ones who get better exposure by getting arts paid as much as we can and being an excellent place to play a great show.

Please send a request to [email protected], add some info and links that show off what you are about and we will do our best to get back to you with a response.  We are typically quite busy working on all sorts of various projects so please do not take it personally if you do not get an immediate response.  We do try to answer all requests sent to this email.  We hope to hear from all you talented artists.

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